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Re: [RC] re: BH 100 - Carla Richardson

Would you consider having a raffle of some type?at the convention in Reno, to help support the ride?? I know that later on this year, if I'm doing better financially I will definitely donate to the ride, just to keep it going.? You're absolutely correct, it would be a terrible shame to lose this ride.
I'm sure people would donate, would contribute to a raffle, or buy stuff at bake sale, WHATEVER, at the convention, to support this ride.? What do you think?
Carla Richardson

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Cindy Collins <c_collins@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, it is horrible that only six people entered the 100 miler (I think it was six, 'cause I thought I was the only one who pulled?). ?Anyhow, the trail was gorgeous. ?The supper Friday night was wonderful: pulled pork with all the fixings, plus HOME MADE PIES! ?Sunday morning we had freshly grilled ham and french toast. ?There were hamburgers provided at the half way point. ?Once again a handfull of volunteers worked themselves to death trying to make this ride happen. I don't know if Marirose knew it, but someone pulled about 10 miles of flagging the night before the ride :( ?So, as the riders were climbing through the canyons, Tom VanGelder (at age 84) and his crew were frantically remarking that section in front of the horses. ?They succeeded, too! ?The night flashers were so wonderful, as always. ?The three vets were super, too. ?Our vets are so positive and encouraging to riders. ?As for myself, I'm guessing that I just went a bit too fast for my little mare's conditioning. ?I was having so darn much fun riding along with Dorothy Sue, Marlene, Marirose, ?Dave Brazalton and Sue Lyke that I didn't ride "my own ride." ?I just loved trotting and galloping in the dark :) However, my mare "hit the wall" at 30 miles and that's a really bad feeling. ?She came into both vet checks with an incredibly low pulse, she was 44 at both the Horse Creek and Antelope Butte checks. ?However, I knew she was tired. ?I rode her on into the 40 mile point and she trotted along with Dave Rabe and Kerry's horses, but her heart was not in it. ?I told the vets I was done when I got there. ?I'm just glad it was nothing serious. ?The next morning, one of our vets said the mare looked wonderful and that was such a relief. ?Even us old timers can get caught up in the moment and ride foolishly! ?She was running around the pasture yesterday harrassing the gelding :) ?Anyhow, I can't imagine how much money ride management lost on this event, not even counting the massive amount of work. ?I hope riders will consider attending this ride in the future, or there just may be no future for one of the oldest rides, and one of the most beautiful rides, in the country. ?Cindy


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[RC] re: BH 100, Cindy Collins