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[RC] FW: Brucellosis? puncture/abbcess?part 2 - ladurgin

He opened the puncture more, shot  betadyne and something else with a 60 CC syringe into wound  more than once,gave her a tetnaus shot, penicillian shot,  said he didn't want to  cut a big hold in her side to drain yet...They pushed pus out the top hole also....Told me I had underdosed the  Doxicycline--but maybe that  had held it off, but was changing to  TMZ or other option was a shot  @X a day of 20cc. -- And to  keep  wound open by scrubbing 2x day.  I joked bout my horses only get really wierd things. Last year  RAscal got Uveitis, and Champ , got  that odd puncture wound and died quickly form massive swelling. I said there are wierd bugs around here...
   He called me later-said he was reading up and wanted me to change back to the Doxicycline and be real careful and wash my hands becuse it might be  Brucellosis thru  Fistula of the withers?  Huh??????  
    Now I am reading up...I thought that was very rare. She only has 20 hours riding and I  did it and I know how to fit a saddle and that was 5 years ago... There are catttle  next door (he gets 4 auction calves) and  sometimes in front. There was one mini bull on the property before we moved here (he was a pet). Cattle in front of us... Deer on property! But maybe he  was thinking about the uveitis and  Champ's sudden death....both which can  happen with Brucellosis...
   I live in  a NW  Ga. county nex to  Ala. line... .... is this far fetched? Should I really worry, he had said the Doxicycline  wasn't  very good for  bacteria and since I'd underdosed about  25% they might be resistant---- but then he changed it----and said if she didn't improve, we could get titters.---He & hubby did talk about  the horses right now at acution are going for  75$ (did I mention double regestered and  Davenpoprt/CMK)?
    So he  either thinks it is----and Doxicycline is right? or will hold it  off?  What I read about Brucellosis is not good.....BTW her lower leg with sore foot , has not swelling or heat. I think  the hoof soreness may be a abcess from  chipping or cutting too short. I am not sure  it is connected. She seemed brighter yesterday, and eats meds greedily mashed in  some soaked pellets....

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