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[RC] Brucellosis? puncture/abbcess?part 1 - ladurgin

   Arab Mare, pasture pet 14-notice endema high on  both sides of shoulder blade 7/3 and very slight  lamness on L.front._expression_ dull. walked like a shoulder lamness, I  checked her and couldn't find heat or fever-Turned out  with 2 geldings and mini-donkey been together for  life. She is  #3-pasture has trees which  try to keep limbed, Ramm fence. I figured-maybe something  spooked her and she ran into the  side of the stall openings of  barn I keep open, or a tree. Looking again I saw tiny blood flecks on  coat, and found a tiny puncture hole/scrape on her withers scabbed over- I thought-pellet hole(I do have 5 country neighbors one one side, some with  chained pit bulls & there are young males around(hence; paranoya). I started  doxicyline I had on hand and bute-Holiday weekend-at the time not sure they were related- could have been a horsefly bite , or ahanging down tree branch or rolled on a rock(very rocky here)-  But odd place for a puncture- Stayed about the same,Monday, very much lamer, but swelling  going down in shoulder ,but looking like some swelling  starting near withers.- Called my  country vet. (he seem diligent...He had another vet- new-with him.No temp.Really examined her leg on that side.used hoof testers,( which I dont' like)-said she was sore on  inner front quarter-(preface this with- I was   on a neglect cycle with my trimming, she should have been trimmed  a month  ago, but I was behind. She  has flat feet anyway in front and tends to grow forward,shoes or bare(no grain, even has a pasture track). She was really short from chipping and I had even nipped a piece off a few days earlier,thinking it was going to make her sore... He checked the other foot, which I said may act sore too, she sores easily I even  put her on a hoof suppliment as she only gets grass hay and bits of grass.

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