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[RC] FL registering with NAIS is a benefit? - oddfarm

Truman, I am pretty sure the nice ID card has been available since way before NAIS. I can get that, or the six month health certificates without being registered. Same price. I'll bet you don't get through the Ag station any faster than I do. Just how important is the Ag station anyway when 9 out 10 times they don't even come out to look at your horses? Especially in the summer. Hmm.
I refuse to sign up for NAIS. I don't even get licenses for my pets anymore. That is such a joke. One of the first things that gets cut in the budget besides parks, is animal control. Where does all that licensing money go to then and for what purpose? To balance a budget??
I know, signing up for NAIS is free. No it's not. It's gonna cost us taxpayers when we least expect it. A tax on livestock? Just wait and see. Tractors and fencing and barns, oh my I see a crap load of taxable income for the government. I can't believe I'm still paying "tangible taxes" for the 7th and thankfully last year. How did we let government charge us taxes for the same stuff for SEVEN YEARS???
Yeah, the NAIS sounds like a great idea.
Lisa Salas, The Odd farm