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Re: [RC] lions and bears and palm leaf's oh my!!!! - Barbara McCrary

My husband and I used to patrol the beach on a central coast CA marine reserve where there are Elephant Seals.  My normally unflappable Arab gelding saw a large brown log on the beach, and it wasn't a big deal until the large log reared up, did its signature honking sound, and undulated its way into the surf.  My horse was never the same again, and even spooked at large rocks on desert rides.
We once rode two horses into the high Sierras for a few days campout in a big meadow.  On our way out, we encountered a mama bear with cubs.  She sent the cubs scurrying up a pine tree and she walked across the trail in front of us.  My horse had never seen a bear before, but it didn't seem to bother him at all.
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Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 5:55 AM
Subject: [RC] lions and bears and palm leaf's oh my!!!!

When I was 12 I was riding home alone  along the Alaska highway which was deserted ( and runs through the middle of nowhere, which is where we lived :-)) when my pony and I came across a grizzly bear and her two cubs, I don't think I breathed or had a heartbeat for the few minutes it took to get by her , however I seemed to be the only creature of the bunch worried about anything  as my pony walked by the bear family totally unconcerned & mama bear watched us quietly.
Kat's comments re: what horses are afraid of had me laughing as it brought back a similar point my 15 yr old had last winter , we were lucky enough to be able to spend the winter in Florida this year, we rode by a pond with an alligator in it.cool! We had never seen one outside of a zoo so spent a few minutes sitting on the horses quietly watching it,( horse were not worried about the 6ft long swimming carnivore) about an hour later my mare dumped me  when she spooked at a dead palm tree branch!!!!!!  

Chrystal :-)

[RC] lions and bears and palm leaf's oh my!!!!, Chrystal Woodhouse