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[RC] Walking Down Hills - Michelle Aquilino

Part of me is afraid of what impression people have of me on this board, lol.? All the questions I ask, ha ha.? Anyway...

On conditioning rides my horse has always been great about walking down hills, even when those in front of us are trotting down, and once we get to the bottom, we catch up.? I have found on endurance rides (well, limited distance at this point), however, she gets frustrated and won't just walk down the hill.? She starts turning sideways, won't move forward at a slow pace.? At the OD I ended up getting off her and hand walking her down, because she was getting too ridiculous.? Any training suggestions?? Or exercises I could do with her to hopefully improve on this for future rides?

One thing I just thought of, I wonder if at Foxcatcher (our first ride of the season) she DID behave in the beginning, but since it's a ride and not a conditioning ride, we weren't riding WITH the people trotting down the hill, and thus we didn't catch up, kind of negating her assumptions before. I don't know if this happened or not, but was just a thought.? Anyway, same problem.? I want her to listen to me if I ask her to walk down the hill (still limiting the trotting down hills with her).

I have considered lessons, but I don't think this (or any of my questions/problems) could be solved in just one, and they cost a lot of money...


"Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die"