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[RC] Tevis questions - sherman

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I don't get individual posts, so this may have already been answered...

Never done Tevis before, and there are a few things I can't find in the website, so I'd appreciate the kind help of anyone who knows the answers to my missing pieces.

Jill, since some rules change from year to year, I'd email the WSTF office directly with these questions. Then, some may appreciate it if you posted the answers online. It's too bad they don't have the Tevis forum up and running, because some of the board members paid attention to the questions asked and had some good answers. Anything I answered below might not still be true, or maybe I'm remembering wrong...the mind is getting older every year and not quite as sharp (:<(

1. How early can you get to Robie Park prior to the ride? Thursday? I found lots of camping info about the fairgrounds, both pre and post ride, but nothing about Robie park where the ride starts. How soon can people and their horses start arriving there?

Yes, or even earlier, I think I've heard of riders arriving a week before, but it isn't beneficial to stay at the high elevation for too long before starting the ride.

2. I didn't make reservations at Auburn, since my mule is happier on

his hi-tie rather than a stall - Is there REALLY plenty of room there for my husband to wait for us during the ride? (Since prior to the ride, we'll be at Robie.?)

There is the fairgrounds parking lot, some of which can be used for trailers, not sure a horse can be high-tied there though, better check with the Tevis office on that one.

3. Does car pooling of crew really work out? I have a dedicated crew

person and a small truck for her, so I'd need to find someone to ride with that paces at the end of the pack like I do, right? So our crew can get to the same places together on time. Otherwise, how do you do this?

This may or may not work due to unknown circumstances, horses maybe getting injured or otherwise pulled, or riders getting sick, etc. Have a back up plan if your crew carpools, tell them don't be afraid to be assertive and ASK for a ride with someone else if something goes wrong, or use the thumb (:>) I gave a couple of crew members a ride up to Robinson from Foresthill one year. They were about my age, basically hitchhiking. It's a pretty friendly group...

4. If you were going to pick just 2 places for your crew to be waiting

for you, they would be Robinson Flat & Foresthill for the 1 hr holds.right? The ride info makes it seem like any other places are an unnecessary expense of time, especially since there is horse & rider supplies at all the stops - is this true? If not, where else would you have your crew meet you?

Yes, they should be at Robinson Flat and F'hill. Everyplace else is optional and even unnecessary. Michigan Bluff used to be a nice place to be given a little aid, but then the crew person couldn't get to F'hill in time to help and that is the more important stop. Now with the vet check being changed to Chickenhawk (from Michigan Bluff) and plenty of volunteers, horse food and I think even rider snacks, it's really unnecessary.

5. I'll be attending the educational ride next weekend, and after

that, would love to find someone to do additional pre-rides. Please let me know. Kathy - you still helping us new kids along the trail?


Jill Carr & Walker the Mule

Yes, I hope to do at least a couple pre-rides in the canyons. I'll contact you, if I forget (old mind) you be sure to contact me, okay!