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Re: [RC] Biting horse - Sisu West Ranch

"...I want to wallop her in the face..."
Why not?  I had a mare who tried to bite when I was rasping her hoof.  Instinctively, I hit her on the upper lip with the rasp.  Judging from the swelling, her lip was sore for quite awhile.  She never bit again!
Admittedly hitting at the face can be dangerous.  Trainers will tell you that a pointed finger and a loud "no" will work, but sometimes that is not enough.  Some advocate snapping with the finger.  May work.  I would tend to carry a whip, or a sorting stick, or a plastic baseball bat,  or some other arm extension and whack on either the nose or probably just as good the lower legs or chest.  You should also make sure that non trainers do not wander in range.  We have a friend who was severely injured when a mule snuck up behind, grabbed her and shook her like a dog does a rat.  The mule is now in that great pasture in the sky.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
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[RC] Biting horse, Marinera