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[RC] "Cavalry" for the heck of it...? - Michelle Aquilino

I experienced my first away vet check (with no crew) this weekend at the OD.? I realized that I want to solidify her training to stand still when not tied, while I tack her up (just in case no one is around who can hold her).? I want to figure out a quicker and easier way to put her grain/beetpulp/electrolyte/water mixture together fast enough that she doesn't try to start eating it before it's properly mixed, lol.? It was also not necessarily fun trying to find my bag, so thought I'd want to find a cheap bag that I could personalize more for easier finding.? For this ride, since the weather was great, I pretty much just sent a bucket, grain, beet pulp, and some apples and carrots.? In a situation like this, it seems like it'd be easier just to carry everything in the saddle bag, and get one of those collapsable buckets to put her food in.? Does anyone do anything like this, even when not technically riding "cavalry".
I am somewhat intrigued by cavalry anyway, and hope to try it sometime in the future.? How stupid would it be to carry all your feed, etc, on you, even if you're not technically riding "cavalry"?? And since I'm on this note, and realized that if the weather were bad, I'd probably want fleece coolers or the like out at the vet check with me, what do cavalry riders do to keep their horses warm at vet checks?? It doesn't seem like you could carry enough feed in the saddle bags to last through all the vet checks in a 100 miler, or am I just oblivious to something?? I am really interested in the concept of riding cavalry, so my simple question in the beginning has turned into curiosity in general about what people do when they ride cavalry.
I do kinda like my idea of getting a collapsible bucket?and carrying her feed on me.? I could run by the water trough, scoop up some water, find a place to set up, and dump her beetpulp/electrolyte/grain mixture into the water, mix in a matter of a few seconds, and be all set and done.? Apples and carrots take up more room, but could probably fit a few in the saddle bag, and put some apples in my camelbak pack.? I'm a featherweight rider, and my saddle is really light, so not too concerned about weight at this point...
Thanks for any thoughts!

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