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Re: [RC] Bareback pads - April

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Some ones I hadn't thought (or known) of:

Little Joe Bareback Saddle ($230): http://www.better-horsetack.com/lj/index.cfm?page=bbsdl Looks interesting, but I didn't like the look straps over the top of the pad. The same complaint I have about the $30 pad I have in my tack room. Maybe it wouldn't bother most people, but I want to ride in shorts and I'm delicate. ;-D

Natural Ride ($150): http://www.naturalride.com/naturalride.html I like that this has a bit of stabilization, but it didn't really appeal to me.

Skito bareback pad ($250): http://www.skito.net/prod04.htm Really like this one. Uses the same foam pads their other pads use, hopefully creating a spine channel. Uses an English/dressage girth and has crupper/breast collar rings. Can get a high profile version. Pads can be removed for a closer feel.

There were some others I looked at briefly, but kept coming back to the Skito. I'm in the process of getting one from Naomi Preston of www.TTeamforendurance.com.

Thanks for all the replies and tips. The Skito is quite a bit more expensive than I was thinking of spending, but it should last for years and I hope to get some good use out of it.

Nashville, TN

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 9:14 AM, April <endurancerider@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, Ridecampers,

I am wanting to purchase a bareback pad. Not to use for endurance, but to use for short training rides and for lessons for my nieces.

I don't like regular/cheap bareback pads because the girth strap goes around the top of the pad and that ends up rubbing my legs.

I'm looking at the following pads (in no particular order):

Cashel Bareback Pad: Around $100. This is just a big piece of foam you sit on. Heat build up concerns me. I'd likely throw a light pad under it to help alleviate that. http://www.cashelcompany.com/ProductDetails.aspx?C=3&SC=12&ProductID=8725 (This is not the soft saddle. I had one of those and while it was super comfy for walking, the flaps bunched if we trotted any.)

Best Friend Comfort Plus Bareback pad: Around $75. Looks comfy, but I wonder about the spot where the girth comes into the pad. http://www.bestfriendequine.com/comfort-plus-bareback-pad.html

Stacy Westfall Gel Ultrasuede Bareback Pad. Around $140. Pricey, but looks very interesting and comfortable, but no mention of rings to attach a breast collar. http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=eaa6b1d1-7095-492e-9d65-0e878df9a5d2&ccd=ifh003

All seem to be able to be used with regular western girths, which I like.

Does anybody have any info you can share with me (private is fine) regarding these pads? Or maybe have another suggestion for a pad?

Nashville, TN

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." TS Elliot

[RC] Bareback pads, April