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Re: [RC] Ricebran, fruits, and testing... - Stefanie Prasch

My information at the moment is: you can't test for gamma-oryzanol itself.

But the reason gamma-oryzanol is banned is that its supposed to build up
testosterone. So the usual rice-bran diet probably shouldn't lead to
positive drug testing atm.
So far the practical side, but still makes you do something "illegal" when
you feed food containing gamma-oryzanol.

We had a case of a successful rider who gave his horse some muscle
building supplement food, declared doping-free by the feeding-company.
This stuff had extra gamma-oryzanol in it and caused a slightly too high
testosterone-level with his gelding.
The rider was banned for half a year + had to pay quite some money.

Since that happened, you are considered a bad person on some boards, even
if you only feed some usual supplement that has like a quarter of a rice
grain in it.

Happy feeding ;-)

Am Fr, 8.05.2009, 06:37, schrieb Natalie Herman:

First off, WHOO HOO Jill! As a fellow "bottom 10" XP rider, I agree..who
CARES???Not us for sure.
Now, I do have to say, I HAVE been tested at rides over the last 5
yrs...always at a vetcheck as a "random" test cause I was unlucky and
whistled when I peed (boy you should see them testers fly when they hear a
whistle :P) . Anyway, I always feed ricebran, even at rides (never had an
issue with it causing my horse a problem from "too much fat" or heat
buildup or not eating as much, or whatever it is you're supposed to
withdraw it for at a ride...but again, I ride slow, so maybe that is
why...) I have a hard keeper, so he gets RB ALL the time in good amounts
too... Anyway, I have NEVER tested positive, so I don't think there is
enough of whatever is "bad" in RB to test...I also feed carrots and apples
and often times oats at rides too..same thing...never tested for anything.
SOOOO...I think we really shouldn't get so wound up about feed...(not sure
about yucca though...maybe it does test...never had any of it in the horse
or feed)...sure, it has plant hormones, but not above the "allowable
threshold" so why worry.....
   Natalie (who only complained about doing the silly paperwork, but could
care less if she gets tested)

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely
in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming.... 'Wow!
What a ride!' "

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[RC] Ricebran, fruits, and testing..., Natalie Herman