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Re: [RC] Danny the mule - Dot Wiggins

Sorry if I came across a little loud.  I just know of some ugly ugly events with folks getting hung in anything attached to critters.
 I just replayed both videos and especially in the last one the rope sure does look to be around your hand several times.  Perhaps not as bad as it looks.
Your horse did well if she isn't used to ponying  confused kids.  She, or you (;>), seemed to be smart enough to face into the pull rather than get sideways, when not able to pull straight away..
I know about the bruises across the thigh (:>)  That is why the "real" ropers have high cantles on the saddles and the heavy chaps help a bunch.
And it is always funny when the smart critters think the hot fence is still there and then find it isn't!
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Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Danny the mule

Ok, I am NOT a roping/cow horse operator...and Rose is not a roping/cow horse...she was the best that I could do.  my hubby had recently had surgery..or he would have been the driver.
I was trying that at first, the butt to the object...but it (rope) would dig into my leg.  I have a nice bruise today from it.  I knew not to get sideways to the "puller".  Just couldn't move sometimes fast enough to avoid some of that.
Oh...I wrapped it(rope) around the horn, and I tried desperately NOT to get tangled in it...and I didn't think that I did at any point.  I will have to go back and look, because I didn't think that I did.  I know that can be a real trainwreck.
But thanks...like I said, this was a new trick for me and Rose.

Re: [RC] Danny the mule, Jody Rogers-Buttram