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Re: [RC] late start at rides - Kathy Mayeda

I heard that there's a "Trilby" rule made because Trilby would ride
two rides in one day when she was competing against Les Carr for


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 10:36 AM, k s swigart <katswig@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Donna said:

What is the rule or general policy about starting late at a ride?

The rule is that you and your horse must be present at the start of the ride:

"6. Completion requires meeting all of the following criteria:
of the ride."All riders and mounts must be present and accounted for at the 

I mean, you have already checked in at the pre-start time about 15
?minutes early, either in person or w/ your horse.

So, according to the rule, you have to have your horse with you when you 
"ckeck in" at the start.

So how late can?you then leave camp?

After checking in at the start, you may negotiate the course any way you like 
as long as you ride the trail as marked in the right order and go back to 
where you left it if you get off course.? There is no rule that says you 
cannot negotiate the trail by taking your horse back to your trailer and 
leaving it tied up there for however long you want.

?Is there any rule or is it up to the ride manager?

There is no rule and it is not up the the ride manager to be able to tell you 
how you negotiate the course, and if you want to negotiate the course by 
taking a detour to your trailer (or anywhere else), the ride manager can 
hardly make arule stopping you from doing this.? The ride manager CAN make 
cut off times for arriving at other check points so make it hard for you to 
get to the check points on time if you don't leave in a timely manner, but if 
you want to hang out on the trail (or off the trail for that matter) for an 
hour, you can do so.

It would polite to inform ride management if you are intending to do this, 
however, so they won't worry about you if you don't show up when expected, or 
so they don't accidentally remove the markings from the trail before you have 
negotiated it.

Orange County, Calif.

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[RC] late start at rides, k s swigart