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[RC] Drafting? - k s swigart

I must confess I am having a hard time figuring out why I would care if 
somebody were riding behind me at the same pace as I am (I am assuming we are 
not talking about tailgating here).

It seems to me that all the advantages are to being in front:? You get to pick 
the pace that is right for your horse, you can see further down the trail in 
order to negotiate or avoid objects, if you maintain it to the finish line, you 
will place ahead of them.

And if you are riding a horse like my hyper reactive mare Marla, you can put 
any other horses off their ride by having her spook at every ant hill and make 
the horse/s behind into basket cases...and their riders as well after they get 
tense and tired from having their horse jump to the side along with yours.? So 
then they beg you to let their horse lead.

If the rider behind is using your horse to "pull" it along at a pace that is 
faster than the horse would or should?choose for itself, then all the better, 
because you can "trick" the competition into over riding their horses.

Most times when I ride with people that happen to be on the same stretch of 
trail as I am at the same time, I have been able to come to an amicable 
agreement with the other rider as to which horse would do best to lead (usually 
not Marla, as she makes other horses and riders nervous with all her 
spooking...me? I mostly got used to it).

I just don't see the problem with letting people ride behind me.? Why do other 
people care.? What is better about riding alone than riding in front?
Orange County, Calif.

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