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Re: [RC] What is the Sport? - Truman Prevatt

This must be a regional difference. When I first started riding endurance back in '88 if not for LD's - there might not have been many endurance rides in the SE. It has been quite common for years that there is the same recognition at rides for top 10 LD and top 10 open and LD BC has been common practice in the SE for years - in 1996 time frame (may have been 1997) SERA established that LD BC be based on the same criteria as those for the open division for SERA sanctioned rides. Interestingly enough in SERA's awards program we don't use the term endurance we use "open division."  I don't know were that originated but that's been the case ever since I've been a member.

For the most part I don't seem many in the SE objecting to the integration of "endurance" and "LD" we seem to have in the SE.  It may be that the LD's have been an important factor to our expansion. It may be that LD's have been important sources of funds for our ride managers to put on rides. It may be that endurance is relatively new in the SE and we Southerners are a pretty much laid back easy to get along with bunch.  Whatever the reason - there seems to be a better acceptance (of course there are some exceptions to this) to this integration of LD and "endurance" in the SE than I observe in other regions.

BTW SERA just revamped it's awards structure adding some new interesting awards - adding another 100 mile specific program to hopefully promote 100 mile rides, one to promote completion levels and one promoting completion of consecutive miles with the latter two counting both LD and endurance.

At some point it might get down to a "taxation without representation issue." At many rides LD's cost the same as 50 mile rides. One recent ride I noticed cost 95 bucks for an LD. A member pays the same dues and fees. I would expect you would hear whining, crying and gnashing of teeth if the AERC BOD decided that all awards go to 100 mile riders. I expect those that ride primarily LD might feel they are getting the short end of the stuck with their bucks in ride fees and dues going to support others.

Personally I have no issues whatsoever with LD riders stepping up and lobbying for recognition for what they consider their accomplishments. They pay their dues - as such they have a say. Different strokes.


Bruce Weary DC wrote:
 Truman, you nailed it exactly. You have given the most succinct explanation of the common usages of the term Endurance, and the slight confusions they lead to, that I have seen. The elephant in the living room, as I see it, isn't in the casual uses of the term Endurance. Instead, there is a small movement in some quarters where some riders want LD rides to be not only redefined to be under the same umbrella as an Endurance ride, but then to take that new definition and use it as evidence that the LD program should then offer all the awards, points-keeping and other recognition that is historically reserved for Endurance-level rides. This strategy, I submit, is what many riders of the longer distances object to. We don't care what people call themselves, we care that the distinctions earned by riding longer and farther be maintained.

 As long as there are no efforts to change how LD rides are administrated or recognized to be on a par with the longer distances, there's no problem. Historically, the most vociferous objections I have seen here have been from those who have the above mentioned strategy in mind. I, for one, object to that strategy, for the various reasons I have posted here many times.  Bruce Weary


"There is always a well-known solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong

"There is always a well-known solution to every human problem--neat, plausible, and wrong." H. L. Mencken

[RC] What is the Sport?, Bruce Weary DC