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Re: [RC] OK, call me an Endurance snob,.. - Carla Richardson

Ok, I'll up the ante, since you're now attacking 50 milers as not being endurance riders.? <G>?
Only MULTI-DAY riders are true endurance riders.? Forget 100 miles in one day.? How about 250 miles in 5 days?? THAT's a real test of the horse and rider.? (and the ride manager)
Carla Ricardson

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 3:39 PM, Tom Sites <goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Angie, you got this ball a'rollin by your initial comment on the GB Pony Clubbers post and a partial response of....
"OK, call me an Endurance snob, but this irks the crap out of me. Now "Endurance" is 12-22 miles????? The most you can do is 22 miles? ...they need to call this "hacking " or something."
You were responding to a 9 year old girls impression of Endurance in Great Britian.? That would not have been the same response of CeCi Butler when she was doing 100's as a child and?led SERA, the OD and others ?to enact the 8 yo rule.? Or, Tommy or Cliffy Lewis when they did their "Endurance" rides and the grief they had to endure as a family.
Kat, i agree with YOU.?
100 miles in?one day is Endurance.? Let the other stuff fluff towards whatever way politics and $$$ dictate.? This must be the winter LD discussion.
tom sites

[RC] OK, call me an Endurance snob,.., Tom Sites