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RE: [RC] Flax seed info & options - Mary Sutliff

Another option is flax seed oil.  We have a horse that will not eat flax seed.  This horse requires a custom supplement which was flax based.  We were able to find a company that would make the custom supplement without flax seed and now just add the flax oil.  He eats it right up.
Mary S.
Arlington, Wa.

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 10:04:54 -0400
From: mustanglady@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC] Flax seed info & options

The horse evolved on a diet of fresh grass which contains about 6% fat.  When grass is cut, dried and baled, the Omega-3's are lost, and the fat content drops to 2-3% in the hay.  Flax seed is used to replace the lost fat and the lost Omega'3's, at a rate of 4 to 6 oz per 10 kg (22 lbs) of hay.  So if you're feeding hay, flax is a good idea.  If you're horse is on pasture, your horse is getting lots of Omega 3's.
If you don't want the hassle of grinding your flax seed, an option is stabilized ground flax seed by Omega Fields.  www.Omegafields.com   (I'm not a distributor, this is not an ad.)  The price is a bit higher, ($79 for 50 lbs, includes shipping), but you get the added convenience of ground flax, and it's guaranteed to stay fresh for 12 months.  I found out about Omega Fields in an equine nutrition class. 

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[RC] Flax seed info & options, Naomi Preston