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[RC] Rehydrating your horse's skin and coat - rides2far

>>I have no idea, but I have read that somewhere and had people more experienced than myself tell me that - could be all fiction for all I know, but I have had horses that are more skin sensitive than others and >>those are usually the better recover-ers. 
Again, referring back to Ben Amil, the older horse Josie competed who was skin sensitive...he had great recoveries (when not galled). He did not drink like we wished he would. One ride we weighed both Ben and Kaboot on the SERA scales, then went out and did a 17 mile loop. Kaboot drank great, Ben very little. When we got back and weighed them KABOOT had lost the most weight on that loop. Ben had very thin skin and a very obvious network of veins on the surface while Kaboot is thick skinned. I wonder if Ben sweated less because his veins were able to cool the blood and keep his core down. Kaboot had to sweat out a lot of fluid to cool himself.

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