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RE: [RC] Q for vets and equine nutritionists (Susan G?) - Cindy Stafford

Ah, excellent point!  Thanks for bringing that up as i forgot to mention it!
yes, they are regularly dewormed, every two months.  But I think some, or all, may not be on a rotation dewormer.  Which gets to another whole mystery topic for me personally as I've read mixed things about both.  Better to be on a rotation program?  Or does that build up tolerance and better to just stick to an ivermectin only plan?
we are in teh midwest, in a selenium poor area, if that is a factor as well.  Horses have access to a mineral block.  They are in a pen during the day (free choice hay) and turned out at night, but no grass right now.

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 20:11:35 -0800
From: buzzardsroostbbq@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] Q for vets and equine nutritionists (Susan G?)
To: cjstaf@xxxxxxx

Hi Cindy,  I'm not either of those (vet or nutritionist), just an insomniac at the moment, but you forgot to mention whether they have been regularly wormed, if you know, or is it de-wormed?  Round bellies on skinny horses sounds like wormy horses.  That may not be their situation, but its a point worth mentioning.
Good luck,

Cindy Stafford <cjstaf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hope you can educate me, or point me to where it might have been discussed before in the archives.  Doing some research for some barn buddies.
First - some of the horses in the barn where we board are looking a little ribby, yet have round bellies.  Their ribs are showing (under winter fur) more toward the upper part of the back and spine is visible, but bellies look wide and rounded.  They get free choice hay, although the hay may not be the best quality (my novice opinion only), due to the drought we had last year.  We can't change the hay (cause we board...).  Are the horses too skinny because their ribs are showing?  They are arabians in performance mode - endurance or H/J, consistently ridden.  If they are too skinny, is it because of poor quality hay and while they may be getting volume, not getting the nutrition they need?  If so, what should be added?  Fat?  Beet Pulp?  Ultium?  Since they are performance horses, would probiotics help?
Which leads to my next topic - how do you give probiotics?  I see it in the catalogues, but I don't get if it's just a 'use during stress' type of thing?  Or is it a daily supplement?  I only see the paste/syringe types, if that is to be used daily, how much do you use?  Or how do you estimate dosage?
Thanks for any advice!

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[RC] Q for vets and equine nutritionists (Susan G?), Cindy Stafford