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[RC] - Spottedracer

Answers to the multitude of comments/questions/etc.. (why do multiple posts? 

great idea on the plastic barrel!

Although the 30 year old AQHA we board - has very good teeth... We've boarded 
many other 27-29 year olds over the years.. The best mix was a blend of Sugar 
Beet Pulp + alfalfa pellets + horse minerals + veg oil + biotin + a touch of 
soybean meal. We soaked this mix in warm water for 15-20 minutes prior to 
feeding. Even those WITHOUT teeth maintained great weight and condition! 
Average intake was 3-4 lbs (dry weight) twice a day.. Although that 3 lbs will 
swell up to fill a 5 gallon bucket within 15 minutes of soaking!!!

We currently use that same 'senior blend' on our calves - but we change out the 
horse minerals for cattle minerals... They're overweight and only consuming 2.5 
lbs per head per day and 5 lbs grass hay.. 

I purchase my minerals in 25lb bags at my local co-op. Purina also offers it.. 
And there are many other supplement companies you can look into. 

The soybean meal should be orderable from any farmers co-op and/or purina 
dealer. Comes in 50lb bags.

I used to raise apps.. was also using my Fewspot stallion in IPRA pro-barrel 
racing... Granted, now he's a gelding, and I ride gaited horses (though two are 
outt've reg Apps)..

Horseraser@xxxxxxx wrote:

Laura what is DOD?

Developmental Orthopedic disease.... Basically, it's the 
precurser/developmental stage for later OCD disease. The growth plates on the 
ends of the long bones are not filling in/calcifying properly... Early research 
pointed to genetic links, but current research is showing that diet is the 
primary cause for this condition, thus, if caught/diagnosed early enough - and 
with enough growth plate left.. Dietary changes/modifications can reverse this 

When my filly was diagnosed at 10 months - we still had 14 months of open 
growth plates to work with... we were lucky!

And finally... I used to mix per feeding.. But I've got around 18 head + 10 
goats (also on 'whole foods diet' - not on preservative filled, animal 
byproduct containing commercial diets...LOL)  So that's why I just do a 
once-a-week bulk mix.. saves time and money.. And I know each batch is the same 
- LP


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