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Re: [RC] Blood test levels - Katrina Mosshammer

OK, change of question. Called the vet and had her fax me the results. It says they are serum and that the levels were 0.287 ppm and 0.304 ppm. Now I'm confused too. If this is the same scale on which Susan suggested the 200-250 range then it does seem high to me also. Sarcastic smile emoticon I'm going back through the archives but haven't come across anything yet that turns on my lightbulb. Light bulb emoticon 
P.S. Does any body know if there is a site out there that can help interpret the result of a blood test? I don't what specific things I should be looking at for endurance horses and what levels are normal for those specific things. ThanksOpen-mouthed smile emoticon

Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Blood test levels

I have a question. When we got the coggins drawn a couple of wks ago we had them run a Se test as well. Mom just got a call from the vet about our blood tests and she asked me this.
"Vet called and said Perle was at 2.8 and Deke 3 which is w/n "normal" parameters. I said we were looking for something between 200-250 and she said yes, that 2.8 is normal. So now I'm confused. It seems that is high unless this is a different scale."

So are there different scales and if so how do I convert between the two?

Re: [RC] Blood test levels, Katrina Mosshammer