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[RC] Health insurance for pets - Sharon Hahn


If you are just looking to save money on annual check-ups, I think it is unlikely that insurance would help.  Think about it - insurance works because you are betting that your bills will be higher than the premiums you pay, and the insurance company is betting that your bills will be lower than your premiums.  The insurance company wants to make a profit and thus is unlikely to set premiums so low that you would win the bet merely by taking your animals to their annual checkup.  But you could definitely look into it and compare.  Perhaps you could get major medical coverage as well for just slightly more than you are now paying out-of-pocket for checkups.

I haven't insured my animals, but since I've had 2 colic surgeries and a broken ankle that I paid for out-of-pocket, it probably would have been a good idea!  That's where it really comes in handy - so you don't have to decide whether or not you can afford to save your horse in the event of a pricey life-threatening situation.

After just signing away my life savings for routine annual check-ups for the cat, dog and horse, I wondered if doing the pet health insurance I've seen advertised might be the way to go.  Was curious if anyone out there in ridecamp has used this for their horses?  Pros?  Cons?
What about you vets?  Are there a lot of restrictions about what's covered?  Do all vets accept the plans?  Or depends on the veterinarian and company, like people's HMO's?
Any recommendations from anyone for a good company to use (if the health insurance is a good idea)?



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