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Re: [RC] Ride Entry Fees - Trailrite

    I know that it might sound strange, but if riders are entering this ride with the information available to you in advance then what is the problem?  Once everyone is all cramped into this ride it causes problems with riders wanting to leave before the end of the weekend.  That would cause trouble with others having to pick up their camp so someone moves to get out.  With a horse that might have a problem and needs to leave for a clinic it is understandable, but if your out of a horse for lamness or your tired then, your there to camp and relax for the rest of weekend.  It is so plainly stated in the entry that way.  Some rides have to have special needs and this is one of them.  The camping area is very tight with bushes and trees so rigs are there to stay for the weekends event.
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In a message dated 2/16/2008 4:48:39 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, jkgottaride@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I have read the last few posts concerning ride entry payments, bad checks, etc. It brings up a question that keeps gnawing at me.
I'm interested in recieving feed back from AERC members on certain techniques of collecting ride fees.
I realize this will be controversial, but...here I go anyway, it's my nature.
While we all agree that it's ride managers that make our sport possible, and that without them we would be high and dry, still I would like to bring up the practice of not refunding ride entries.
I can think of several rides in my region where the ride managers practice this.
Here's an example of the situation; there is limited parking at a very popular multi-day ride. More people want to enter than there are apparently spaces available for parking, so in order to enter the ride you must enter and pay for all days of the ride. If for any reason you are not able to ride all of the days, you do not receive a refund for the days you did not ride, regardless of the grounds for resigning from the event. 
Of course, the answer is to bring multiple horses to increase your chances of getting you moneys worth. How many horses can you get in your trailer?  The idea that I may pay for miles that for any given reason I never ride still bothers me.
It may be argued that the ride manager will not make as much money if they allow people to come and use up parking for only one day of riding, while allowing the person who enters all days  to enter is more financially sound. On the other hand, how are the parking limitations the problem of the rider? And, why should the rider be out the entry fee because of the limited parking? We are talking hundreds of dollors here.
 So far I have simply refrained from entering those rides. Any thoughts?
Jennifer Voight

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