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Re: [RC] [RC] Permanent trail marker materials - Don Huston

It might take a little extra time but they always seem to find a crack or tight space between rocks to drive the narrow fiberglass post. Only 3 or 4 inches jammed into a tight space will hold the post very well.
Don Huston

At 08:59 PM 2/17/2008 Sunday, you wrote:
How do they deal with the rock?


----- Original Message ----- From: "Don Huston" <donhuston@xxxxxxx> To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 11:25 PM Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Permanent trail marker materials

Part of the problem here in SoCal is that it is against the law to nail or attach anything to any tree including picket lines, tent lines, lanterns, etc. The fiberglass posts have worked very well because they can be placed in just the right place to prevent confusion, stand alone and spring up after being run over without being damaged or doing damage to the runner. Of course they are ruined by fire which is ideal for Calif because CalFire (our state run fire dept) believes in using the "Fire Storm" burning method where residents are fined for clearing their land until there is enough fuel to support a major fire where absolutely nothing is left, no signs, brush, trees, powerpoles, bridges, guardrails, houses, nothing. CalFire don't want no stinkin' trail signs stickin' up out of that nice scorched landscape. Someone might think it was silly little controlled burn.
Don Huston

At 05:48 PM 2/17/2008 Sunday, Truman wrote:
They are fiberglass. Fiberglass doesn't burn but the resin melts. The local State Forest bought a bunch of these spent a lot of money with doing a lot of research. The first controlled burn, all in the burn area were laying on the ground.


Karen Sullivan wrote:
Our county bought some for part of the trail system. From our
perspective of trying to buy more, and somewhere from 50 to 100
they are way pricey...about $10 each for post and spike into ground....
and another couple bucks for the lettering.....nice stuff if you can afford it

Don Huston
donhuston @ cox.net
SanDiego, Calif


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