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[RC] Permanent trail marker materials - Tx Trigger

Marking trails will often get down to the cost involved. Those small disk/diamond markers look to run from $1-3 EACH.  And a quick Google found those flat fiberglass type posts that we see along trails run about the same price.  We have found that our trails on Forest Service land, get marked mostly by volunteers and donations of supplies. Forestry has limited budgets in many areas. Depending on the miles of trails to mark, and how often one needs a marker if one can get "off the trail" or if it is pretty straight forward, will determine how often one needs a marker, and thus, how much one might be spending, depending on the trail marker chosen.
We have 2-10 mile loops, 2 - 15 mile loop, and 1 - 25 mile loop, all marked in separate colors. The trails were designed with distance rides in mind, so they are also marked often, for riders at a casual pleasure pace, or those racing on endurance rides to be able to keep on track.  We use paint on trees, and horse shoes. Here is a photo of one of the trail markers, where 3 of the loops travel a section of the same trail:
So if you have an unlimited budget, go for the cool custom markers. Oh, our plastic markers that we used to use, deteriorate over time, and broke apart, and that is part of why we went to paint.  We have had people steal the horse shoes (go figure) and people shoot holes in the markers. All will need some upkeep.