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RE: [RC] Ride Entry Fees - marshall Bates

I have never put on an AERC ride but did put on
several CTR rides over the years and the management
problems from no shows and limited parking are the
same (although CTR rides can cram more trailers into a
given site because everyone must tie to the trailer.)
I really think that all the folks that complain should
put on a ride and see how much work it is and what a
money hole it can be for the manager when trying to
please everyone.
Jennifer- I'm not slamming you- but your comment about
" On the other hand, how are the parking limitations
the problem of the
rider?" seems very shortsighted. All problems at a
ride end up being a problem for both the rider and
ride management.
Another pet peeve of mine as a ride manager is people
who change horses or divisions at the last minute. I'm
well aware that things happen that cause these changes
but this is another example of a problem that affects
everyone. Check in can be very hectic time and having
to go back thru paper work is a pain in the mule.
Personally I would consider adding a 5 or 10 dollar
fee for last minute changes.
As I said before- put on a ride before complaing about
fees, parking, awards or any of the other things that
riders gripe about.
Marsh the muleman

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RE: [RC] Ride Entry Fees, David LeBlanc