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RE: [RC] Ride Entry Fees - David LeBlanc

Jennifer said:

More people want to enter than there are apparently spaces available for
parking, so in order to enter the ride you must enter and pay for all days
of the ride. If for?any reason you are not able to ride all of the days, you
do not receive a refund for the days you did not ride, regardless of the
grounds for resigning from the event.? 
The idea that I may pay for miles that for any given reason I never ride
still bothers me. 
On the other hand, how are the parking limitations the problem of the
rider? And, why should the rider be out the entry fee because of the limited
parking? We are talking hundreds of dollars here.
So far I have simply refrained from entering those rides. Any thoughts?

If the RM only has so much parking to go around, and then you show up on day
1 and leave, they can't easily replace those entries. From a business
standpoint, this makes sense - RM wants to maximize income, and many of
these things barely break even.

Now as the rider, if I could only take one horse, I just wouldn't go. Too
much chance of paying $300 or so for one ride. The parking limitations
become your problem because that's what caused the RM to make the deal they
did. If you don't like that deal (and I don't), then go to a different ride,
or bring a backup horse.

If I could, I'd bring the whole herd to a multiday - seems like stuff
happens. Last fall I went to Steph's ride, planned on riding at least 3
days, he got a rub and went one. My wife rode the next day, horse got a
belly ache, got treated, was out for the rest of the week because of getting
a shot. The backup horse went out and won the next day, and went again the
day after that. 

We only paid for the days we rode. I highly recommend the Owyhee rides -
nice place to ride, nice people, well marked trail, no shortage of parking
or anything else - great vets, no problems with whiners because there's
nothing to whine about!

Alternately, if you just really wanted to ride, you might be able to find
someone to go in on it with you, go and ride a day, then let them go from
there. Lots of people did that on the XP ride a few years ago.

I can see both sides of it - 

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