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Re: [RC] young horses - Maryanne Gabbani

Relax. Lazy and slow is better while they are learning. Any horse can learn to run. One of my best horses was considered very lazy when he was young and now I realise that he just had a brain early. He still expends exactly what energy is needed for the task and no more...perfect for endurance if we had it.  If you ask him for a walk...well he does better at a slow trot. Loves to trot. Ask for a canter or gallop and you will get it, but no  running away. Sensible.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

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On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 1:58 AM, Charlesey Charlton <unwound_n_tn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

speaking of starting colts, I have been doing ground work with my coming 3 yr old (March 2009) TB gelding today in the round pen and finally realized that he is just down right LAZY!

I have raised this colt (home bred) and I admit I have been a little easy on him.

AS far as personality goes he is a gem and you can mount him in the field bareback without a halter or anything and he understands what a saddle is and to stand quietly when mounting, that is all we have done so far, as I am wanting to go slowly with him...he is going to be a BIG boy and has ALOT of growing left to do...

my farrier says I should just go ahead and ride the hair off of him, she gets really frustrated with him b/c he seems to have a slight problem with anything that doesn't involve eating or petting...

My question to everyone out there is:

Is there a cure for laziness? Or am I just feeding the monster so to speak???


Charlesey Charlton

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