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Re: [RC] Feeding Round Bales - Quentin & Libby Llop

You can buy special chains for your chainsaw to cut round bales. I've never done this. There are also devices that mount on a three point hitch, grasp the bale by the ends and unroll it as you drive along. You could unroll parts in front of your pens and fork it over.

Marlene Moss wrote:

Well, I would love to be able to put a round bale out for a group of horses, because they are certainly cheaper to get. But I have a 50 horse boarding facility and most of the horses are in individual stall/runs. So if I want to feed a round bale, I have to unwind the hay, stuff it into a wheel barrow and wheel it around and try to feed the correct amounts – a big PIA!

We’ve been feeding big squares – easier since a slice is roughly equal to 4 small bale slices and they break in half fairly conveniently. But I’ve lost my convenient big square source. I don’t want to do small squares even though they’re easier to feed because it is a huge amount of work to unload and stack 160 ton of hay each year!

So we are considering trying to work with big round bales because I can get them, they are cheaper, and we have the equipment to load and the barn to store them. But what I’d like to find a solution to is a way to cut them up. Someone has suggested a chain saw with vegetable oil in the oil reservoir for the chain. We tried with our 16” saw and the bar is just too short to keep from gunking up the saw with hay. We’re going to try to find a 36” bar and chain to see if that helps.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Anyone ever done this with a chain saw or other tool? Reasonable or more work than it’s worth and maybe we should just suck it up and take 5 times as long to feed?

Our other thought is to buy a semi and trailer and started hauling our own hay! But that’s a bit pricey!



Marlene Moss

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