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[RC] Giants of Endurance, Exciting for a Minute! - Paul

When I first saw the heading "Giants of Endurance"  I got really excited. At last a ride just for heavyweights. No more chasing skinny people up  and down hills!  Just fellow generously proportioned shaped people. (Even though my AERC number has me as a middle weight, that is just a personal goal. We usually tack out well over the 212 pounds required to compete as a heavyweight.) It sounded like my kind of ride!
Reading about the ride, it stated that it was restricted to riders over 75 kilograms. To the un metric system sophisticated individual, that sounded fine. Then after doing the math, disappointment set in. Heck, that's only about 168 pounds..."Giants"?  I don't hardly think so. Then reading the results, it appears they did about 75 miles in under 5 hours.....Out of my league.
But it did get me to thinking. (cold weather does that to me). One of our favorite winter arguments is about whether or not weight affects performance in Endurance Riding and by how much.  Maybe to help settle that discussion, we should have a ride in 2009 where the minimum weight with tack is 200 pounds?  With all the Holiday treats available, many of us could get a good running..er... waddling start on hitting that 200 pounds with tack. "Thank you, I will take some more Christmas cookies. I'm in training for a ride next year."  We could have a true "Giants of Endurance" Ride.
Gotta go get on the treadmill for a while.. No point in being too much over that 200 pounds minimum. Weather forecast for the Ozarks this Saturday. " Partly sunny and in the upper 40's. Perfect riding weather".  Yippeee!!!!!
Paul N. Sidio
KMA Chazz Piper
Spokane MO