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[RC] A Poignant Note - Carla Richardson

I came home tonight, and knew someone had been at our house while I was gone today.  That's one good thing about snow on the ground.  You know when someone's been there, while you've been away.
Anyway, I kinda wondered, who came here, and why.  And then I saw it.  A bag was propped up against our front door on the deck.  I could see there was some handwriting on it, even before I got out of the truck.  A feed bag, looked about half full.  Curious. 
Here's what the note said, hand written in a shaky, elderly hand:  "4-way.  Can you use this up for your horses?  My horses left town.  Thanks.  Merry Christmas."
This made me tear up.  My first thought was, oh no, someone has given up their horses, either to the auction, or .. well, I'll never know.  The bag wasn't "signed" so I have no idea who left it.  They have no idea that I don't feed 4-way to my horses.  So I'll feed it to my chickens, I guess.  Don't want to waste feed.
Here's the thing.  What hurts, is, who was this person?  I just know it was someone elderly, from the shaky handwriting.  Someone who had horses, who cared enough to feed them what they felt was a good feed, and who cared enough to not waste it, to give it someone else who had horses.  I feel so sad about this.  It was a poignant note, in so many, many ways.
So think on this tonight, Ridecampers, those of you who read this far down on this post.  Think of how blessed we are to ever have known even ONE horse.  Many of us, me included, have had horses in their lives for all their lives.  How blessed we are.  But there comes a time, when some have to part with their horses, for whatever reason it is.  Don't blame those who can't hold on, who have to let go by whatever means.  Don't judge, you never know what may happen, you just never know. 
I'm sorry, this is just making me cry tonight.  Someone's horses have left town.
Carla Richardson