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Re: [RC] Carcass Removal - kathy swigart/Carrie - Barbara McCrary

My husband says it is no less stressful to euthanize an animal than it is to shoot it.  Both are quick and painless...the bullet is probably quicker, actually.  It's just the trauma to the person pulling the trigger.  I am perfectly capable of shooting a gopher that is eating our garden, but I could not pull the trigger to kill a horse, dog, cat or cow. My husband has done so, although he hates it, too.  But it is kinder in the long run, and a lot cheaper.
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Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 1:05 PM
Subject: RE: [RC] Carcass Removal - kathy swigart/Carrie

OK, I"ve stayed out of this until now.  But yes, it really IS an issue to take enough chemicals to euthanize half a ton of critter and bury them in the ground where they can get into ground water.  The reason it is illegal in some areas is because of soil types, population density, etc.  Given a truly HUGE area, the chemicals will dilute and break down over time.  But it is just not a very sound practice. 
Personally, I wouldn't want to drink the water downstream from the scene that Karen describes, where they have buried multiple horses in that area euthanized most likely by standard barbiturate euthanasia, near a stream.  If I were going to bury them, I'd much prefer to use a bullet.
I don't really think there's a whole lot to worry about regarding
legalities of burying a pet (even a horse) on larger parcels of private
property. Really! Who's gonna know? <wink>
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RE: [RC] Carcass Removal - kathy swigart/Carrie, heidi