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[RC] re: carrie's comments to me - Cindy Collins/Carrie - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Cindy - I'm sorry, I just have to laugh because it seems you did the
same thing that I did in taking a comment personally.  LOL
You seemed to take my comment about relative love of horses (or lack
thereof) and meant it for you, which it was not.  Again, the nebulous
faults of emailing.  No, I would not let a horse suffer, or any animal
for that matter.  And seriously, I do not doubt your love of animals,
nor anyone on RC.  That's what brings us all here in the first place.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much! Carrie, that was not a
personal attack aimed solely at you, though apparently that's how you
took it. However, I do know people who have trouble discussing the issue
at all and some of them are on ridecamp and some are people I know in my
real life. Those same people often allow animals to suffer for lengthy
periods because they are way more into how "sensitive" they are... than
about what's really loving and humane and responsible for the animal. I
doubt seriously that there is a person on ridecamp that isn't very
emotionally attached to their animals. There is a difference between
using that emotional attachment as a crutch or waving it as a banner,
and doing the hard things in life that come with the responsibility of
owning an animal and putting what's best for their quality of life above
your own interests. I am not saying YOU would do that, Carrie. But, I've
seen it done and the ban on slaughter has only caused thousands more
horses to suffer. It's OK to disagree with me, but don't doubt my love
of my animals. You don't know me or them. Cindy

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