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[RC] What the market will bear - kathy swigart

Terry Bannister said:

This horse-slaughter ban is only an issue if the horse "industries"
?(racing and show-barn) keep overproducing, and cranking out
?thousands of excess animals for what the market will bear. 

The racing and show-barns that "crank out" thousands of excess animals do not 
do so at the rate that "the market will bear."? They crank out such over 
production because they know that you have to produce at least ten to get one 
good one (e.g. only one horse can win in a ten horse race so no matter how good 
all the race horses you produce are, only a small fraction of them are going to 
be winners). If what you want is a race horse, the all the non-winners are 
going to be culls.

It was BETTER for all horses when these culls were killed instead of being 
dumped on the rest of the horse owning public.? Trust me, culls from the race 
track and show barns that were sent to slaughter were not sent there at a 
profit to their producers, and their producers aren't going to stop producing 
them because they are dumping their horses on the rest of the horse owning 
public instead of killing them.

It is getting to the point now that the rest of the horse owning public is 
discovering?that they?can't take any more of these culls and are having to kill 
the horses themselves.? Personally, I thought it was better when the racing and 
show industries were allowed to arrange for the killing of their culls 
themselves.? And I suspect that, in a fairly short time, it will go back to 
that.? Or, what will happen instead (which appears to be already happening in 
northern California) is that "rescue organizations" will be the ones to start 
killing horses.

Whatever the case may be, the racing and show barns do not produce masses of 
culls because they think there is a market for their culls.? Their culls are a 
loss no matter what the market for them.? They produce the culls because they 
have to to get the one good one that they DO want.? You are living in a fantasy 
land if you think that stopping foreigners from eating American horsemeat is 
going to change that.

What is done with the carcass after the horse is dead is a completely separate 
issue.? Personally, I think that throwing it away is a waste, and I am bothered 
by the fact that that is what I am now required to do.? If you want to throw 
away your dead horse or bury it or build a shrine to it, that is your 
perogative, but I consider it reprehensible that there are some people who want 
to impose that preference on others.

Orange County, Calif.

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