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[RC] nerve twitch? - sherman

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My 6 yr old, Paloma, that I've started doing more riding on seems to have a nerve at the front of the stifle that twitches. Sometimes it twitches after a simple ride in the trailer, and almost always after a ride. She does not appear to be bothered by it, is not lame or muscle sore from the riding, is not fatigued, has fast HR recovery, and is ridden at a slow pace as she is little 13.2 1/2H.
I'm not 100% sure it's a nerve, but I think it is. It is sometimes very faint and I have to gently press my fingers against the area to feel it. Sometimes it can be see, a "now you see it, now you don't" thing,  and other times it's quite obvious, sort of like your lower leg bouncing when you have just a little weight and only on your toes (know what I mean?), but it's not the entire leg, just the area around the front of the stifle. It's at the spot high on the front of the hind leg where there is little or no muscle, but you can feel the bone and maybe connective tissue.
Has anyone ever heard of or seen anything like this? I'm not going to have a vet exam of it since there is no pain and I can't imagine that there would be any way to "fix" a nerve twitch, unless it could be a vitamin or mineral inbalance, but she is on a few different pastures annually, with a hay supplement and uses her mineral block, has never had a sick day in her life and has no other signs of any deficiencies.