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Re: [RC] US Rider - Crysta Turnage

I've had to use US Rider a few times and have been very pleased.  The
first time was when I was managing my ride, one of the rider's had the
jack break on their LQ trailer and they were unable to get the trailer
back onto the truck to go home.  I called US Rider and they found a
tow truck that could help (not everyone could) and sent it out to the
ride site.  They called several times to update us on the status and
to let us know when the truck had been dispatched.

I had to call a locksmith once when I locked myself out of my car at
the grocery store.  I didn't call US Rider until after I was home, but
I sent them a copy of the bill and what I paid and they reimbursed me
$75 (it was slightly more to have the car unlocked).

The last time I had to use them, I was so grateful.  We were camping
in the Swanton area and loaded up the family and took my Durango down
to the beach.  While playing on the beach, the key must have fallen
out of my pocket.  We looked and looked, but it was probably gone with
the tide.  We all walked the mile back to camp (thankfully it was
close) to a pay phone (NO cell service) and I called US Rider.  Told
them the make and model of my vehicle and that, since it was a newer
car, it may need a special programmable key.  I gave them the number
of the pay phone, and the service rep told me to call back in 1/2 hour
if I didn't hear from him.  They did all the calling around for me and
found a locksmith to come out at 8:00 pm on a Friday to a fairly
remote location, who had all the special tools, to cut a new key for
me.  US Rider paid the locksmith for their portion directly.  Again, I
did have to pay some extra - but having that convenience of someone
ELSE to do all the leg work, and make sure I was taken care of, was
more than worth my money.

And I do have a spare hide-a-key on the car now!  =)

~ Crysta

On 12/11/08, Sandy Terp <sandyterp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have had US Rider for a few years now and only needed them once but it was
a great experience.  I think it is very important to have insurance that
will take care of the horses and trailer also.  It is peace of mind when you
are traveling with your horses but it covers all your vehicles.  I give them
a big thumbs UP!

Sandy Terpp

~ Crysta

"Those of us who finish near the back, make the rest of you look good."


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[RC] US Rider, Sandy Terp