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Re: [RC] Spain: CEI*** Santa Susana - Lynne Glazer

We can check with Don Huston, but the altitude gain from mile 20 to 21 if I recall correctly is substantial, first down then up. There are a lot more hills in Manzanita than you think. Leaving basecamp after the lunch check (on the 50), leaving vet 2 for the 8 mile loop, etc.

Unless you're talking just LD? I think when you drag ride, and pull ribbons, you are excruciatingly aware of elevation gain and loss. And since it's chaparral, those ribbons are very low to the ground a lot! Kat and I drag rode the last 25 miles in 2005, I think, she rode her nearly 16.2hh Anglo stallion--it was a long way down, but she pulled more ribbons than I did on my 15.2hh boy. ;-)

Don, give us the scoop! A flatter desert ride is of course Git 'Er Done. Even Fire Mountain has elevation, tricky since it's so subtle.


On Dec 9, 2008, at 6:12 PM, Elizabeth Walker wrote:

No, no. "Virtually Flat" is the Manzanita ride -- nice, flat desert :). Maybe one hill. :) I don't know what the elevation change is, but I'd be surprised if it was much more than 100 feet. :)

On Dec 9, 2008, at 4:53 PM, Diane Trefethen wrote:

My handy conversion program translated this to 500 meters = 1, 640 feet, and 99 km = 61.5 miles. If the poster was talking about altitude change, 1600 feet of change is - while perhaps not "great difficulty", I wouldn't say it is "virtually flat", either.

I would. Reduce that down and you get about 27 feet of "climbing" for each mile or 3.5 feet in a city block. With 1 tree root, 1 curb, 2 buckled sidewalk sections, that leaves about 12" of elevation. LOL!


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