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Re: [RC] Training Issue - Kathy Mayeda

Maybe other tools will work - like doing tight circles, leg yielding, lateral work to keep get his mind being focused back on you.  I like the idea of doing small doses of separation, and increasing in length while you're out riding.
I tend not to hop off unless absolutely necessary because if the horse is just being dominant, it is reinforcing that behaviour.  However, it's absolutely necessary if it intimidates you because a freaked out person doesn't do anyone any good.  When I was riding with a friend and Drako started to spaz she said that she would have gotten off of him at that moment.  Well, he was able to get me off of him in the past, and I have gotten to know his idiosynchrosies a lot better.  I'm not scared.  He's not doing anything dangerous.  I stay on.  He just learns to deal with it.  Story over.
Rearing - I don't know.  Never had a rearing horse.  Bucking horse yes!

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 2:54 PM, <Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

First, NO do not get on the horse if you don't feel it is safe, repeat do
NOT get on the horse if you don't feel safe.

Secondly, I would strongly suggest that you incorporate TTeam as Naomi
suggested, particularly if you have someone to help you because a person
who has experience with TTeam will make it go much faster.  I would add
another tool which I have found pretty indespensible which is incorporating
clicker training into whatever method you use.  My mare was having a little
bit of a nervous breakdown on a training ride so I hopped off and asked her
to do an exercise called why would you leave me.  It took less than a
minute and I think she felt so secure doing that exercise that she started
completely focusing on me.  Teaching them to lower their  head also calms
them down.

I might also add that when you leave the other horse you might consider
using a bit of acepromazine on the horse being left.  I use it on my mare
that has separation anxiety when I take the other one away and leave her at
home.  I started out using 3 ccs but got it down to about 1 cc which
probably did more for me than her.  I was just about to stop using it
altogether when I went a long period of time without leaving her alone.  So
I started back with the 3 ccs but I don't think she needs it.  Studies have
shown that horses can learn will under the influence of a small amount of
ace.  Some people may object but it is better than the horse being left
getting hurt, and a small dose (ask the vet) on the horse you are riding
may not hurt either.  It doesn't take the place of training but it may make
the learning happen.  People have told me about horror stories about horses
on ace but you need to make that decision yourself.

 If you have questions about clicker training, feel free to ask.

And Allah took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it, and
created the horse.... Thou shall fly without wings, and conquer without any
sword.  Oh, horse.  ~Bedouin Legend


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[RC] Training Issue, Sheila_Larsen