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Re: [RC] WEC - Angie Fura

And we wonder why new riders don't stick around.  A new person asked an innocent and, IMO, a legimate question, and she gets stomped on.  She asked if this behavior was typical.  I don't think the question warranted the defensive and hypersensitive reactions its getting. 
If you want to flame on, go ahead.  Better yet, I can be reached at 931.682.2772.

Angie Fura


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Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:13:12 PM
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 I usually don't look up a person's record but in this case I did.  I agree that she has a right to her opinion, but since she has less than 500 miles and none of them 100's, her opinion is not worth much in my opinion which also may not be worth much.  However, as Becky's friend for 40 years and also as one who has crewed for her and Rio at a lot of rides, including Tevis and at the WEC, I can tell you how incredibly difficult it is to prepare for and spend all of your resources both $$$ and time to ride internationally.  It does not help their morale when someone who hasn't a clue tells them how wrong they did everything.  I ususally don't look up a person's record but in this case I did.......mb


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Subject: [RC] WEC

Congratulations to the USA riders that completed and those who did their best and had bad luck on race day.  Julie Suhr has often said that being successful in the sport is 1/3 horse, 1/3 rider and 1/3 luck.    Anyone who has competed in 100 mile rides be at their "home course", across country, in adverse weather, etc. etc. and does not finish in spite of their best preparations well understands the toughness it takes to keep on competing.    Ask any Tevis rider who keeps trying, year after year, in spite of knowing the ride itself has a 50% +- completion rate.
Are those horses/riders who do not complete to be considered "losers" and "poor showings"?    While I appreciate Ginger Bill's right to express her opinion, I consider it somewhat of a kick in the teeth to a superb group of riders, volunteers, team staff and vets who spent immense time and effort to prepare for the event representing our Country, who have a long journey home.   Welcome home to all of you.
Barbara Sanches
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

Re: [RC] WEC, marybenstover