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RE: [RC] Wussification of endurance - Diana Peterson

Very well said Jonni... Very well indeed.
I don't care about a shower, and shavings...??? what the heck its not a horse show its a ENDUREnce ride.
diana :-)


I am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed.
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> To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [RC] Wussification of endurance
> Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 10:22:48 -0500
> From: txtrigger@xxxxxxxxx
> I know this has been brought up before. I think the ENDURE part of ENDURance
> riding is disappearing. The sport is changing slowly, to often cater to
> those that do not want to "endure". Between reading posts on RC, and some
> of the yahoo groups, I am seeing a trend. Recent questions were asked to a
> ride manager about an upcoming ride, and the camp. The camp is a parking
> area out behind an equestrian center. Portable stalls that are there for
> horse shows may be used for the weekend if one desires. So some of the
> questions she was asked were if shavings were provided, if the center had
> showers, and if they could have a trail map emailed to them before the ride.
> While many may think those are "fair" questions, I looked at them and said
> "What does it matter?" Go to the ride, pack a bag of shavings if you think
> you need a stall for the night rather than tie to your trailer, take some
> baby wipes or use a garden hose to clean up after the ride if you feel you
> need to, and you will be given a map when you arrive! But maybe some rides
> have been having those extra amenities to cater to riders that don't like to
> ENDURE. A post was made about getting people out to try a 100 mile ride.
> The thing they mentioned was doing a ride that "goes somewhere". A 100 mile
> ride with either extra long / large loops back to a central camp, or a point
> to point type ride is one where the adventure is taking you somewhere. Yet,
> one of the most popular 100 mile rides in our region has many multiple loops
> back into a central camp, with all vet checks in that camp. 25 miles
> (longest loop) and camp, 15 miles, camp, 10 miles, camp etc. etc. . Some
> loops are repeated until you have finally done that last 10 mile loop, to
> finish riding 100 miles. Riders like having the vet checks where they can go
> to their huge LQ trailer, take care of their horse, and sit in the a/c
> awhile, relax, turn on the news on their TV and put their feet up while
> waiting to head back on to the trail. The thought of having just a crew bag
> out at an on trail vet check, and only having the basics along to crew their
> horse is unthinkable to many.I personally think we are slowly losing the
> adventure part of endurance in many areas. Some will argue that they need to
> cater to these new riders who want these types of rides, to have ANY rides
> at all. Thank goodness for people like Dave Nicholson who still put on
> rides that cater to the adventurous type who not only will ride one 50 mile
> ride in a single loop out of camp, but who want to do that 5 days in a row
> with just a single vet check each day, where riders seem to do just find
> with the crew bag type of check. But in general, I think we are seeing the
> wussification of endurance. Where are al those tough riders who like
> adventure, and would like to try a new sport?
> Jonni
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[RC] Wussification of endurance, Tx Trigger