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Re: [RC] Wussification of endurance - Dawn Carrie

I think part of the issue is trail availability.  In many parts of the East, and considering Texas the East, since it's something like 95% (+ or - a couple %) private land, one simply can't MAKE a single 50 mile loop.  If one wants to have a ride at all, one has to have a bunch of short loops coming back to camp.  The Duck could never have his rides in CT region or SE region.  His type of rides are possible because of where he is as much as his philosophy.
That said, I personally prefer rides with fewer, longer loops, and prefer to see camp as little as possible once I start.  The popular 100 you mention is my least favorite 100.  It will always be dear to my heart because it was my very first 100 and that entire ride was magical for me.  And I will continue to enter it every year I have a horse ready because it *is* a 100.  But I dread all of those little short loops with a hold after every one...especially going 10 miles then back to camp for a hold.  But, a RM must work with what they have, and as a rider, I am very appreciative that she offers a 100, and I will support that RM with my entry.  It doesn't mean that I prefer that format.  My favorite format?  Start one place, end up another.  But, since my husband and I both ride, that's not very practical for us in most cases.  <G> 
However, I do know what you were trying to get at...and I wonder if those same riders who ask about showers and shavings would just as happily attend a ride with camp in an open field with porta potties and only horse water provided.  I would like to think the answer is yes, and that they are just asking about the amenities at the former ride because the amenities are there.
Dawn Carrie (who hasn't done a 100 in an entire year and is having withdrawals...)
and Bear (yeah, when we gonna do one of those looong rides?)
and Sundance (what's a 100...is it good to eat?)

On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 10:22 AM, Tx Trigger <txtrigger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know this has been brought up before. I think the ENDURE part of ENDURance
riding is disappearing. The sport is changing slowly, to often cater to
those that do not want to "endure".  Between reading posts on RC, and some
of the yahoo groups, I am seeing a trend.  Recent questions were asked to a
ride manager about an upcoming ride, and the camp. The camp is a parking
area out behind an equestrian center. Portable stalls that are there for
horse shows may be used for the weekend if one desires. So some of the
questions she was asked were if shavings were provided, if the center had
showers, and if they could have a trail map emailed to them before the ride.
While many may think those are "fair" questions, I looked at them and said
"What does it matter?" Go to the ride, pack a bag of shavings if you think
you need a stall for the night rather than tie to your trailer, take some
baby wipes or use a garden hose to clean up after the ride if you feel you
need to, and you will be given a map when you arrive!  But maybe some rides
have been having those extra amenities to cater to riders that don't like to
ENDURE.  A post was made about getting people out to try a 100 mile ride.
The thing they mentioned was doing a ride that "goes somewhere". A 100 mile
ride with either extra long / large loops back to a central camp, or a point
to point type ride is one where the adventure is taking you somewhere. Yet,
one of the most popular 100 mile rides in our region has many multiple loops
back into a central camp, with all vet checks in that camp. 25 miles
(longest loop) and camp, 15 miles, camp, 10 miles, camp etc. etc. . Some
loops are repeated until you have finally done that last 10 mile loop, to
finish riding 100 miles. Riders like having the vet checks where they can go
to their huge LQ trailer, take care of their horse, and sit in the a/c
awhile, relax, turn on the news on their TV and put their feet up while
waiting to head back on to the trail. The thought of having just a crew bag
out at an on trail vet check, and only having the basics along to crew their
horse is unthinkable to many.I personally think we are slowly losing the
adventure part of endurance in many areas. Some will argue that they need to
cater to these new riders who want these types of rides, to have ANY rides
at all.  Thank goodness for people like Dave Nicholson who still put on
rides that cater to the adventurous type who not only will ride one 50 mile
ride in a single loop out of camp, but who want to do that 5 days in a row
with just a single vet check each day, where riders seem to do just find
with the crew bag type of check.  But in general, I think we are seeing the
wussification of endurance. Where are al those tough riders who like
adventure, and would like to try a new sport?



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[RC] Wussification of endurance, Tx Trigger