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[RC] speaking of incentives... - Lynn White

Yes, it would be nice to have more 75 and 80 and 100 mile rides put on.  Few 
seem to realize however that these longer rides require a huge commitment from 
ride management and double the logistiscs and risk as the 50 or 60 mile rides.  
If you want to see more "long" rides, there is a list of things you can do to 
make it easier and less risky for ride management. You can get together with 
other riders and pay the AERC fee for that ride distance management has to pay. 
Bear in mind that AERC requries management to pay a fee for every ride 
distance.  I've seen ride managers put on "longer" rides, pay the fee only to 
have less than 3 enter that particular ride distance. Funny how one rarely sees 
ride management put on these longer rides again.  

You can donate glow sticks, water troughs, or do the footwork/phonework 
necessary to get a treament vet that is willing to stay up all night. Do you 
know anyone who has a generator and a flood light? Would you be willing to lend 
out your generator for a treatment vet to use in a remote area? 

You can volunteer to ride dragline and pull flags on remote loop sections. You 
can print up ride cards, maps, and trail markers.  The list is endless.  Many 
new to ride managment, like myself, were overwhelmed at the attitional 
logisitcs required for a "longer" ride.  There was no amount of e-lists or book 
reading that could have got me ready for the additional logistics and risks.  
The term "the devil is in the details" applies directly to ride management. 




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