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Re: [RC] New incentive to enter 100's - FXLivestock

In a message dated 10/07/2008 5:55:16 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, flassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
It is painful and frustrating enough to have to quit or pull out of a ride. The option to stop early and get credit for work done may save some horses from being over ridden and boost the moral of some riders. The questions that come to mind for those against the proposal is " how does the new rule proposal hurt you and how does it help you"?
Think about it long term please.
I realize that this proposal is not being considered at this time but I did want to make a couple comments on the above.  I have a real problem with the idea or attitude that something like this should be considered so some riders do not over ride their horses or to boost the moral of riders.  If we are at the point in this sport where we have to give "credit" for miles when a rider does not complete the distance entered for the welfare of the horse we are really doing something wrong.    I am sorry, the moral of riders really should not be an issue here.  A DNF is part of this sport just as much as completing is.  I don't see how partial credit is going to benefit the sport in the big picture.  Are endurance rider egos now so fragile that we much cushion the inevitability of a possible DNF?
I appreciate those that are trying to come up with incentives to move up in distance.  I just think that we need to make sure that these ideas are good for the sport in the long term. I don't think the de elevator idea is because we are changing our whole concept of a "completion".  Changing this could really have some other implications down the road and I am not sure I want to go there.   I am getting to the point that instead of looking for incentives for riders to move up to 100s, I think we should just have better recognition and as an organization honor those horses and riders that choose to ride 100s now.  Maybe we don't need to make major changes to our sport (like the de elevator idea) to lure riders to move up to 100s.  Maybe by putting more emphasis on the longer one day distances we can motivate those riders that may be thinking of moving up from 50s a reason to do so. 
Kim Fuess
AERC #6648

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