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[RC] New incentive to enter 100's - Carolyn Burgess

I think this is a terrible idea and am glad to hear that it is not being considered.  I've some 50's.  I have completions for 4 of them.  I did not finish 4.  The DNF's were for various reasons.  One was in the pouring rain and I got pulled at the first hold after only 12 miles.  I was thrilled to get pulled.  Another was at the last hold of a really hard, hard ride.  I had ridden 38 miles and probably could have finished in time, but I was exhausted and I was worried about my horse (who was fine).  I have ridden a total of 100 miles in these rides that I pulled/was pulled from.  Would I like those miles?  Sure.  But what do those miles get me other than miles.  If you enter a 50 mile ride, part of the unspoken agreement is that to complete and get the miles, and possibly placing, you have to ride all of those miles and finish with a horse that is fit to continue.  If you just want to ride for miles, join a club that gives you credit for mileage ridden.  That is not what this sport is about. 
This would be like saying that a foot ball team got within 10 yards of the goal line so they should get 3 points instead of 6.  Well, the got almost there.  I know this sounds stupid, just as stupid as thinking you can get partial mileage credit for not completing a ride.
Just my opinion,
Carolyn Burgess

FRANK LASSEN <flassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have read the discussion regarding "credit for miles completed". I am surprised at the responses. If you enter a 75 mile ride and end your ride at 50 miles you did ride 50 miles. Why not get credit????  To Finish is to Win! If you finish the 50 miles of a 75 (or whatever) you still finished 50 miles!
Let's say you go to work one day and get sick at lunchtime, do you get paid for the half day you worked? Or do you tell your boss "no, I don't want to be paid because I only worked a half day and didn't finish my shift".
It is painful and frustrating enough to have to quit or pull out of a ride. The option to stop early and get credit for work done may save some horses from being over ridden and boost the moral of some riders. The questions that come to mind for those against the proposal is " how does the new rule proposal hurt you and how does it help you"?
Think about it long term please.

[RC] New incentive to enter 100's, FRANK LASSEN