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Re: [RC] New incentive to enter 100's - Joe Long

desertrydr1@xxxxxxx wrote:
Sounds like a no-brainer to say NO to that rule.  If you enter a certain
distance and don't complete that distance, you didn't complete!  How
hard is that to figure?  The best way to go about something like that
might be as an elevator ride.  Enter the 50 or 75, then if you're having
a good day, elevate to the 100.  jeri

Several other ride managers and I tried holding elevator 100's some
years ago, and they didn't work as expected.  Instead of getting more
people to try the 100, they resulted in fewer entries in the 100.

What happened was that some of the riders who intended to do 100 miles
-- who would have entered the 100 if there had not been an elevator
option -- entered the 50 instead, planning to elevate.  Some of them did
not elevate, either getting pulled by 50 miles or choosing not to
elevate once they had completed 50 miles.  There were more of those than
there were people who were enticed into elevating (who would not
normally have entered the 100).

So I stopped having elevator 100's.

It might work if the elevator option was only available to riders who
had never entered a 100, but I don't know how you could verify that.

It might work if, as some are suggesting, that you would not lose the
mileage you'd reached when you elevated, if you did not finish the 100.
But that is totally contrary to the whole concept of endurance riding
and "To Finish is to Win."

Joe Long  aka ChipRider


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