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Re: [RC] New incentive to enter 100's - Barbara McCrary

Something very much like this has been discussed over the years and was discussed when I was on the board a good many years ago.  We voted against it then and I would vote against it now, simply because of a word called "commitment."
If you commit to riding 100 miles and don't make it, yet get credit for what you do finish, that is a cop-out.  It is too easy.  It's just another way to "dumb-down" endurance riding.  (Interesting _expression_, strange but apt.)
Compare it to a student assigned a composition, a set of problems or a project...he doesn't finish all of them but he gets a grade for doing what he does.  I certainly don't remember getting off that easy in school.
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From: Angie Fura
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 9:51 AM
Subject: [RC] New incentive to enter 100's

At Yellow Hammer this past weekend, an annoucement was made about a suggestion for a new rule.    It went something like this:  if you enter a 100 and get pulled 50+ or 75+ miles, you would still get credit for the 50 or 75 miles that you did ride.  The announcer - I didn't catch the name - wanted us to contact our directors to voice our opinions on it.
My knee jerk reaction was no way!  Am I just resisting change?  What does every one else think?

Angie Fura


[RC] New incentive to enter 100's, Angie Fura