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Re: [RC] WNV vaccines - Carla Richardson

I have a "3 mare study" from 2002 when I vaccinated 3 bred mares.  I decided to vaccinate them after the WNV arrived in eastern Colorado (mostly in Greeley area, where hundreds of horses became ill, more than 1/3 died).  Even though we lived in western Colorado, and the virus did not arrive there until 2003, I vaccinated in August 2002, all of my horses - 14 at the time.  That was a significant expense -- 14 x 2 x $20/shot.  They each were given 2 shots, 1 month apart, as recommended, and a booster the next spring.  There were absolutely no problems with any of the horses, age from 2 yrs to 22 years, and including the 3 bred mares.  In spring 2003, all 3 mares had healthy foals.  I still have one of those foals, he's 5 now, and over 16 hands, very healthy.  Two of the mares were rebred and foaled normally the next year as well.  All my horses are vaccinated each spring for WNV, and everything else.  Never have had a reaction from any shots I've given.  Maybe I'm lucky?  No, I think the Fort Dodge shots are very safe.  I've given the 5-way and 6-way Fort Dodge shots, no problems.
The vaccination scares circulate and they do a lot of harm, imho.  A woman I knew back in 2002 - 2003 refused to vaccinate any of her horses.  She said she fed them well, gave them extra supplements, therefore they had good immune systems and did not "need" to be vaccinated for West Nile.  I pleaded with her to vaccinate her horses.  She would not do it.  She lost her yearling foal and 2 year old to WNV in the fall of 2003.  Then she went on a virtual rampage, saying it "could happen to anyone," and then saying everyone should vaccinate.  I have to say, I did not say "I told you so," but I was sure tempted.
Carla Richardson

[RC] WNV vaccines, Sharon Hahn