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Re: [RC] re: recruiting vets - Joe Long

Truman Prevatt wrote:

In any case that is between the rider, vet and the vet's insurance
company - not the AERC.  I fear if the AERC stuck its nose in the mix -
they might end up on the wrong end of a law suit. In reality the AERC
has shown little interest in leveling sanctions of any sort against
those who have had horses die at endurance rides. To do so in this case
could be viewed as harassment. If you are going to sanction one person
for a horse death - you need to sanction all. If you don't sanction all
you cannot pick out one  because he/she chose to seek legal redress.

In the case in question, the rider sued the ride vet who provided "first
responder" treatment for his horse after he had been pulled from the
ride.  The AERC was careful to stay out of the case, to avoid legal
exposure to the AERC.

It was the consensus of ride management and most of the people there
that it was the rider, not the vet, who caused the death of his horse
and was responsible for the death of his horse.  The insurance company
settled anyway, for the reasons stated:  it was cheaper to settle than
to go to trial.

For the record, I do believe that ride managers should have been able to
ban this rider from future rides -- his actions put future rides in the
area in jeopardy.

Joe Long   aka ChipRider


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