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[RC] really??? - Sbolinge

OMG-  I was going to just let kats comments ride...but just can't do it.  When i got the horse his shoes were literally grown into his soles...by the time we got them off and his feet trimmed he was better but still really sore...and thats when we booted and booted with pads and used sole guard and anything else that worked.
When I say he is ouchy...is it an ouchy that most people wouldn't even notice...short strided over gravel and comes off rocks quickly..it will take two years before he will trot on gravel and frozen gound barefoot 100% ouch free.  For kat to take my comments to the extreme that she did making me out to be a horse abuser..someone that would intentionally allow my horse to walk around crippled..makes me angry to say the very least.  But I guess that is just the nature of the beast.  anyway---Just wanted to let everyone know who has contacted me about those four horses who were so horribly abused my those men from Georgia...the outpooring of support has been just overwhelming. The humane society here where the horses are being cared for almost can't keep up with the reponse. The horses are doing incredibly well and will make a full recovery...Just makes your heart feel sooo good!!

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