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[RC] WEC mentioned in Malaysia national newspaper - Steven and Rise Estergreen


Only 4 competitors are mentioned by name in this article, and the USA team not at all...

I'm here on business this month and will be back again just before the event. Hope I can hang around long enough to go "watch" it. Supposedly competitors will be wearing GPRS devices and the officials, rider support teams and spectators will be able to see rider status in near real time. It's been hard to get anything more than very vague information about attending as a spectator, except that spectators are welcome and I should book lodging in advance.

The WEC will be held at night, as several endurance rides in Malaysia have been. The heat and humidity here are hard enough on horses and riders without midday sun as well. The rides here seem to be typically run on very flat terrain at very high speeds, not at all like most AERC events (the time limit for completing this 160km event is 13 hours, 20 minutes).

I can vouch for the severity of climate conditions here, having gone on two 1-2 hour rides between 1 and 7 pm in the three weeks I've been here. Mostly trotting, with breaks to drink and rest, and both the horse and I were absolutely soaked with sweat at tthe end of each ride, and appreciated a good shower. But then, I live just outside of Portland, OR, so the combination of humidity and heat is quite foreign to me (we get either by itself in the course of the year, but almost never do they come together!). That and the fact that my ancestors hail from the UK, Sweden, and Arctic Norway make me poorly suited for the equatorial climate!


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